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Being the adventures of a loving couple whose principal interests are books, film adaptations, and Snuffy Walden.

Nov 21, 2022

The golden orb has streaked its path across the sky many times since Hate Expectations last palavered on a digital recording medium. We've been most delinquent in getting our house in order. In Lizzy and Nate's case that means finally recording and releasing the long delayed episode on Stella Gibbons' classic novel, Cold Comfort Farm (1932), and the several adaptations of it. Happily, we were aided and abetted in this by Melissa Tyler, our hilarious friend who first introduced us to this world of higher common sense and dairy free afterlives. We're not sure Robert Poste's child would approve of our untidy approach to analysis--you'll find there's something nasty in our method. But she would likely be overjoyed at the extra grueling month of post production that went into fixing the audio levels. (Sidenote: our audio engineer was last seen face down in the furrows in Nettleflitch Field, weeping into the sukebind.) We hope you enjoy the effort, as we mun entertain.